citroën - ceci

As one of my first After Effects projects I was tasked with creating an animation to bring together the poster and radio spot for Citroën's 'Different is Everything' campaign. The idea was to create a sense of movement that flowed in sync with the voiceover whilst maintaining the abstract feel of the piece. This was a great way to show the client how we could create bespoke video MPUs without a tv campaign to use.

citroën - economics

Citroën's retail messaging often switches between being price focused and fact based across a range of different models. The challenge for this economics campaign was to come up with an execution that allowed facts, prices and images to be updated dynamically using eyeblaster's smart versioning system. My role involved adapting the print design to build and animate a modular, seamless banner execution within a 30k file size limit.

citroën - green themes

This suite of banners for Citroën's Green Themes campaign was based on the press executions and adapted for a number of different banner sizes. The illustration style was fun and the message friendly so it was important to make the animation informal and quirky in order to stand out from other car ads.

vo5 - extreme style

The Extreme Style microsite served as a stepping stone for VO5 to develop a UK web presence. I designed the site to be easily re-skinnable in line with whichever TV spot was currently running. As well as acting as a showcase for the ads, it also offered tips on how to use the range of products and where to buy them.

paypal - shop without sharing

A paypal promotion in conjunction with ebay to reinforce the message that with paypal customers can shop safely without having to share their personal information. After coming up with the concept I designed the look and feel, supporting banners and also created all the illustration

nytol - the good sleep guide

This is magazine style site was produced for Nytol to offer advice and support for people with sleep problems. I was the sole designer on this project working closely with the developers from the initial pitch to the final live version.

coca-cola - redesign

Working on the Coca-Cola UK site redesign as part of a team of designers and developers, our brief was to present fairly dry information in a fun and engaging way. I designed the "What's in your drink" section to allow users to see at a glance all the different brands owned by coca-cola and how their contents measured up side by side.

orange - the link microsite

This microsite was designed to sit within the Orange section of The design and build were conducted with regular monthly updates in mind. As such, the layout had to be flexible to allow for varying lengths of content which was updated via an external xml feed.

peugeot - showroom

An online brochure for peugeot created to provide a level of interaction beyond the printed brochure, allowing the user to customise different elements of the car and then register these preferences with their local dealership

hula hoops - hoopiverse

Concept and design of a flash microsite for Hula Hoops. Aimed at the youth market, the site contained jokes, limericks and funny facts that all tied in with the various Hula Hoop flavours. The hoops were clustered by flavour to form small galaxies which in turn formed the hoopiverse!